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Known Facts Edit

Gabriel Laflex is a well rounded individual who demonstrates the use of many skills throughout his career, most prominently of which is his ability to freestyle rap. Oftentimes he goes onto the internet under the moniker krhymeStarOne (krhym3.574r.0n3), where he showcases this skill to dramatic effect by oftentimes rapping in costume on stickam with themed rap instrumentals accompanying his verses. Having studied musical theory, Gabriel has accomplished himself in many styles of music, but focuses primarily on the construction of hip hop instrumentals which are available for preview on his website First Degree Productions.

Recent Activity Edit

KrhymeStarOne is a professional nerdcore rapper who has designed numerous instrumental tracks for other top shelf acts. He frequents the website rhyme torrents where he is quick to imbue wisdom upon fellow rappers and newcomers looking to make a name for themselves in the nerdcore scene. Because of his meritorious acts of kindness and professional attitude, Don Vito of rhyme torrents established him as the official moderator of the official rhyme torrents stickam chatroom.

The Character Battle Champion Edit

Participating in one of the official rhymetorrents competitions secured krhym3.574r.0n3 as a force to be meddled with. By utilizing his knowledge of his enemies characters, and by never breaking his own chosen character (Ren Hoek, from the animated cartoon Ren & Stimpy) krhym3.574r.0n3 dazzled the judges and onlookers of the battles time after time. The paramount battle within this contest climaxed with the encounter of Funky49 as Mario ( Bros.) Steve Rush and Gabriel Laflex both conquered their rivals with ease, and ended up battling for nerdy supremacy. The climactic finale ended with the victory of krhym3.574r.0n3, and is often referenced as an enjoyable contest through and through on the rhymetorrents forum.

It should be notably mentioned that krhym3.574r.0n3 also single-handedly staved off the lyrical onslaught of Emergency Pizza Party during the course of the event by premeditating that a posse track would be directed against him. He retaliated by dissing the entirety of EPP's gang, who adopted the identities of various Street Fighter II characters.