“Kabuto is a mammoth creature in size and strength with a humanoid build. Many spikes adorn the creature’s body, while its maw is fierce and imposing.”

A 2-year rap veteran at the time of this writing, Kabuto emerged in 2007 as a shit-talking, talented, and ruthlessly inventive alternative to the flow-deficient and gimmicky internet rap community. He quickly developed a reputation as a truculent personality, having engaged in one-sided beefs with such luminaries as MC Chris, documentary filmmaker Dan Lamoreaux, and pirate rapper Captain Dan.

Kabuto is thought to have originally formed out of dark matter near Tau Ceti some 2 million years ago. Since his arrival on Earth, there has been much speculation as to his true form. He himself has not helped matters, describing himself in turn as a python, a deity, an alien, and incredibly ill. Over time, this has stabilized somewhat, and to all appearances, Kabuto seems to exist as a kind of Holy Trinity – rapper, snake, and alien beast. It has even been theorized that Kabuto is, in fact, an alter-ego of famed Nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot.