Me KyleMistryStyle

An illustration of Wire Fixerson done by the great and mighty artist Kyle Mistry.

Wire Fixerson, the lowly son of a wire fixer, started rapping in late 2009-early 2010 at the young, young age of 16, at first under the gay-ass moniker Lanke (his last name), eventually shifting to his current and permanent title Wire Fixerson. The name comes from screen name, wyrfxrssn (wire fixer's son). He's working on a thus-far untitled album for release late 2010 with no feats so far (although he still expects fucking B-Type and Projekt Zero to send him that verse and hook they said they'd do for a track). He does album reviews for TG, but other than that he has no job. He's trying to save enough money to go to Nerdapalooza 2011, so if you have a job he can do over the internet and be payed for over PayPal he would appreciate if you would contact him. His email is or you can PM him on two thirds of sites called rhymetorrents. He also accepts practically any collab requests. Or maybe you wanna send him a beat. Or maybe you DON'T wanna send him a beat. Well fucking do it anyway. He needs more beats.